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Baseball as Good Medicine is our live competitive storytelling event about the amazing, magical, mysterious healing qualities of baseball. We have a changing line-up of unique storytellers from doctors to writers to rabbis, and a distinguished panel of judges including New Yorker cartoonist Mort Gerberg!


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Previous Events

Previous events have taken place at the magical Bergino Baseball Clubhouse, a space described as a “love letter to baseball in landmark Greenwich Village building”

Premiere Event

March 2014 Stories of home and finding it through the game. An evening at the Bergino Baseball Clubhouse in the heart of the village. Stories from writer Benjamin Hill and more…
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Second Event

July 2014 Stories of the magic of baseball, in victory and defeat! An evening at the Bergino Baseball Clubhouse in the heart of the village. Stories from Dick Perez and more…
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Stories of the Amazing, Magical, Healing Properties of the Game


Baseball as Good Medicine© is a production of the Made Visible Foundation

Made Visible Foundation creates projects in the world of medicine to communicate, educate and transform the experience from isolation to connection.

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