About Baseball as Good Medicine

All about our Events, Storytellers, Judges, Team Members and Board of Advisors

What we do

We create and host live, “competitive” storytelling events three times a year at signature venues around New York City.   Different themes, different storytellers, but all about the love of the game.

The Stories

The stories of the magic and healing qualities of the game are varied and have different plots – they range from tales that include twists and turns of long-suffering, transformation, hope, despair, loss, victory, love, hate, redemption – sometimes all in one story! Ah, baseball.  The stories allow us to us to see and celebrate these moments in our own lives through the lens of and love of the game.

The Storytellers

Each storyteller is unique; what they have in common is that each has a tale to tell that would not have been possible or would not have been seen without baseball as its backdrop. We feature a diverse and ever changing group of people who tell their first person stories.

Storytellers have included:

Perry Barber, Benjamin Hill, Ben Osborne, Dr. Bridget Carey, Dick Perez, Greg Prince, Rabbi Jeffrey J. Sirkman, Jim O’Grady, Dr. Jonathan Samuels, Paul Lukas, Peter J. Schwartz and Thomas Pryor.


The Judges

We also have a distinguished panel of judges/umpires who offer up opinions and verdicts on the stories told. Hence, we (very) loosely call this “competitive” storytelling.

Judges have included:

New Yorker cartoonist, Mort Gerberg as well as The Chalks’ Kathryn Markey & Mary Brienza.

Meet the Team

Annie Levy

Annie Levy


With a special focus on the world of medicine, Annie’s work has been in developing and creating large scale portrait projects that transform the way we see and interact with people.

Paul White

Paul White

Media Specialist

From our website to our Patient Voice projects, Paul uses his ability to infuse the human spirit into all things digital, bringing his unique way of seeing to everything we do. With a strong background in photography, graphic arts and web based design, Paul brings a keen sense of all three to our projects. He wholeheartedly devotes himself to working with us and our project participants to help discover and create the best possible way to display and exhibit work – all to bring its meaning to life.

Sammy Levine

Sammy Levine


Sammy hails from Florida and although he lives in NYC, he retains his allegiance to the Miami Marlins. He brings his love of telling stories through video. He has worked with Google, The Bowery Mission, Vita Coco, among others.

Steven R. Hazlett

Steven R. Hazlett


Steven is a photographer, teacher, and artist in resident based in New York City. He received his Bachelor of Arts Degree at SUNY Purchase College in 2013, teaches the art of photography at several non-profit organizations. His style of photography is heavily influenced by his photojournalistic background, and has been part of the Eddie Adams Workshop alumni since 2012, when he began is photographic career. Steven has worked with such clients as Alicia Keys, Jungle City Studios, Madison Square Garden, and many more.

Board of Advisors

Ivan Oransky, MD

Vice President and Global Editorial Director, MedPage Today

Kathryn Markey Smith


Rabbi Jeffrey Sirkman

Senior Rabbi
Larchmont Temple

John Beilenson

President, Strategic Communications & Planning

Jonathan Samuels, MD

Associate Professor of Medicine
Division of Rheumatology
NYU Langone Hospital for Joint Diseases
Center for Musculoskeletal Care

Special thanks to:

Dick Perez, Hall of Fame artist whose work you see featured on our site.